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ashdawnketchum's Journal

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  • ashdawnketchum@livejournal.com
Hi, I am a married mother of three who recently decided to come back to LJ. I need a creative outlet to help me feel good about myself! This site has always been fun for me!

I love to read. I love fantasy adventures most of all. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, that sort of stuff. I sometimes will read self help books or even poetry.

Reading leads to how I love to write, but in all honesty since I had my first daughter nearly 10 years ago, I don't find I write like I use too. Really hoping that changes. I have notebook full of story ideas and have four or five different journals filled with random stuff.

Movies, I rarely get to watch, but when I do, its usually the same fantasy/adventure genre as I read!

Music is something that makes me feel good no matter what mood I am, and I LOVE pretty much all kinds. Sadly I can`t carry a tune or play a single instrument.

I also love talking, martial arts( Haven`t been to a class in 10 years), food of all sorts, family, I am a Christian and am obsessed with coffee!

Anything else is up to whoever wants to know!